Case of the missing funds gets odder

Remember the story about how the state is trying to find out where some $1.2 million dollars went? Well, The Post and Courier did some digging and it gets odder the deeper you go.

I couldn't think of any better way to sell you on this story than give you this excerpt:
Singleton said he never used any of the money and reimbursed the agency shortly before leaving his $76,000-a-year EDC position for another opportunity.

He said he did not put the money in his personal bank account because he did not want anyone to think he had profited by earning interest on the money.

Singleton said he saw nothing wrong with receiving the money.

"It wasn't the best practice, but in terms of trying to balance the program, it was done with the board chairman's approval," said Singleton, who has hired an attorney. "I want to be on the up and up about all of this."

Odd, indeed. Go and read it to see, yes, more oddness.

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