3 years on, case of an alleged DUI, a recording, and an S.C. Senator from Summerville lingers

Perhaps the circa-2008 mugshot will jog your memory?

If your memory is quite good, you'll remember the April 2008 DUI case of state Sen. Randy Scott and how allegations swirled that it was politically charged. 

If your memory is even better, you'll remember that the case was dismissed thanks to a minute of missing audio on a police recording.

Well, perhaps unlike your memory, this story has really long legs, and the case is alive again as prosecutors again try to get the recording admitted, persisting that the silence is not a "gap in the audio."

The Post and Courier has a pair of pieces on this one: a preview of the case that's come back to life and a quick update that the admissibility of the video is still pending.

We'll be sure to keep you updated, and you can check out the video recording here.

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