Murder case retrial shows ugly side of legal system

Highlight the sometimes ugly side of the legal process, the state Supreme Court has repealed a six-year-old murder conviction, saying that there were problems in the case and that James A. Summersett Jr. must be retried for a 2002 slaying.

But, no, that isn't the ugly side, it's downright prudent and I'm glad to see it. Where it does get ugly is that Summersett was convicted of shooting his neighbor's grandson, Julian "Dooly" Grant, and while the case goes back to trial, Summersett could be released on bail and once again live next door to the family of the person he has been convicted of killing.

The Post and Courier does a good job of showing what's going on, but they don't mention anything about a restraining order, which would seem to be the natural response to stop Summersett from moving back in. Go read it.

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