Public housing eviction ordeal winds down

Image by flickr user webg33kImage by 20080709eviction.jpg Eviction is a tough business, especially if you're a family with limited means. [gmap markers=blue::32.78933097013482,-79.95368957519531 |zoom=12 |center=32.79766448989801,-79.94613647460938 |width=220px |height=250px |control=Small |type=Map]

The long, long saga of the Gadsden Green evictions seems to be drawing to a close.

The two mothers, Jacqueline Clinton and Elizabeth Speed, have opted to move out rather than take an eviction order to court. A statement said the mothers did not want to subject their families to a trial.

The eviction orders from the Gadsden Green public housing got rolling after the Charleston Housing Authority cited a policy that allows entire households to be evicted if someone, regardless of conviction, allows eviction if even a police report is warranted.

The incident that started it all was when six teens were arrested for allegedly confronting two people, at least one of which involved a victim's hand being shot with a pellet gun.

Three other families had been involved, but Clinton and Speed were the last remaining parties. One family was allowed to stay while two other have already left.

The section of the lease that was deemed violated is:
The owner may terminate the tenancy for criminal activity by a household member in accordance with this section if the owner determines that the household member has committed the criminal activity, regardless of whether the household member has been arrested or convicted for such activity.

A tough policy for sure.

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