18 years later, man arrested in Montana for Berkeley County murder (updated)

Updates at the bottom.

In 1992 James Allen Horton was slain and his body was found face down in a ditch in Berkeley County. Last week one of his accused attackers confessed to killing and sexually assaulting him.

That recent traction in the case is largely thanks to DNA evidence.

The Post and Courier has a good report on the development; read it here.

Update July 14: The Post and Courier has followed with a story that has a bit more depth;read it here.

Update July 14: Thomas Solheim of Montauk, New York, has also been charged in the case.  27East.com has some details.

Update July 15: The Post and Courier has another report, this time with quotes saying that Horton was slain to stop him from reporting having seen his superior having sex with another man; read the update here.

Update July 16: A third person, Konnie Jan Glidden, 38, of Goose Creek has been arrested in connection with the homicide; Live 5 News has details.

Update July 17: The Post and Courier continues to do an excellent job tracking the story, and has report outlying just what a surprise the arrest of a local female suspect is to the victim's family; read the report here.

Update July 20: A fourth person has been arrested, Douglas Emery. The Post and Courier has a brief on the matter.

Update July 28: Two of the men have been extradited to South Carolina; read about it at The Post and Courier.

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