Delivery driver attacked, lucks out

Image by Flickr user DWZImage by 20080915pizza.jpg Like a giant "mug me" sign?

A local pizza delivery driver says he was lucky to escape serious injury after an ill-fated pizza delivery call.

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Brian Shirley was sent to deliver pizza to a house at the corner of Evergreen and Sequoia streets, but once there he notice a group of six people watching him. Rather than approach the unlit house's porch he headed back to the car to call instead.

ABC News 4 reports Shirley said:
If you have a sign on your car, you are a target, if you have a pizza delivery sign, they know you have cash, you are a target.

That decision to call was Shirley's lucky choice. Head over to ABC News 4 for the story.

After last month's story about a North Charleston ring of cab and delivery robberies and this I'd have serious concerns about food delivery.

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