FBI report finds violent crimes in the Lowcountry, nation, dropped in 2009

Image by FBI.gov

According to the FBI's Crime Across the U.S. report and final statistics, both the Lowcountry and the nation saw a drop in violent crimes and property crimes in 2009.

Charleston, North Charleston and Mount Pleasant, all reported double-digit decreases in violent crimes. As for property crimes, Charleston saw a 12 drop, North Charleston saw an 8 percent decrease and Mount Pleasant saw a 2 percent decrease.

The Post and Courier has the Lowcountry's crime statistics broken down nice and easy for you, but to take a look at the FBI's official report, click here.

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With the development of

With the development of safety and security technologies strange to see only two percent drop in Mount Pleasant over the whole year. However, what I learned from thesis help online is that you always need more data for a clearer picture. For instance you need to have number of citizens or properties in specified areas to judge if 2% can be the same as 12 for Charleston.