Four teens arrested in ugly instance of alleged child abuse (update: child getting better)

Image by Charleston County Detention Center Shakera Wright, the victim's 18-year-old mother

Update December 17, getting better: The Post and Courier has another follow up on the story.

The paper notes who the child will be staying with when he's released and the general improvement of his condition; take a read here.

Update December 4, edges better: In a general follow to the story, The Post and Courier reports that the child's condition is still serious but slightly better.

Get the follow here.

First reporting: An 18-year-old mother and three teenage boys are in hot water after medical staff alerted police to a disturbing case of alleged child abuse.

The three teenage boys along with the child's mother have been taken into custody after the woman's 18-month-old boy was hung by his ankles in a closet, struck, and tossed around. The child is currently listed in critical condition intensive care unit at the Medical University Hospital.

For more on this sad story, make your way over to the article in today's Post and Courier. For additional coverage, check out the video report on Live 5 News.

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