Fourteen gang members indicted in East Side drug case

Image by Flickr user Aliκs★Jendlent

Fourteen men ranging in ages from 19 to 52 have been indicted for their involvment in a street drug gang selling heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana.

The men have colorful street names including "Booga," "Little Mike," and "Trell."

The indictment alleges that the 14 men were members of a street gang that frequented various Charleston locations including houses and stores on Columbus, Meeting, and Hanover streets as well as Ducs Court to manufacture and distribute drugs.

If convicted, all 14 men will face an enhanced 10-year federal sentence for membership in a criminal street gang. Furthermore, eight of the group will face mandatory terms of life without parole if convicted.

The Post and Courier has a great in-depth report on this case, as well as the name of those indicted; read it here.

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