J. Reuben Long's new system to track criminals, alcohol monitoring too

Photo Courtesy: SCRAM

In past year J. Reuben Long has had some embarrassing moments involving escapees and inmates that managed to get their tracking bracelet off

However, for the past six month J. Reuben Long has been using new tracking bracelets that feature longer batteries and better GPS tracking. WMBF News talked with Deputy Sheriff Tom Johnson, who is one of the officers that handles the GPS monitoring, Johnson shared with WMBF that the new system is a great tool that they use to "increase public safety."

Additionally, J. Reuben also has a new tracking system that monitors probate's that may have been in alcohol related crime(s) and are now not allowed to imbibe alcoholic beverage while under probation.

The WMBF article makes no mention of the brand of alcohol monitoring bracelet being used; however, the system sound like the SCRAM system that was made famous thanks to Lindsay Lohan

According to MTV.com the SCRAM bracelets are virtually tamper proof due to, "an internal mechanism that if you do tamper with it, it'll notify the remote location immediately..." The MTV.com piece goes on to say, 

SCRAM wearers are cautioned not to submerge the device in water, as the bracelet would no longer be able to record perspiration, which would be flagged by remote monitors as "an attempt to defeat" the bracelet.

Hop on over to WMBF News for their full write-up on J. Reuben's new GPS/alcohol monitoring systems

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