Malnourished horses seized from Johns Island (update x3: woman facing charges to continue giving lessons)

Image by Flickr user Ben Cumming Not the horses in question.

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Charleston County officials and veterinarian Justin Miller of Shambley Equine Clinic are assessing the health of horses on the Kennerleigh Farm on Johns Island this afternoon.

An early morning anonymous tip alerted authorities that a number of horses on the farm were suffering from neglect and malnutrition. Miller has confirmed that he's found a lack of water, poor nutrition and signs of intestinal parasites in six horses thus far.

The property owner, who has not yet been named, is apparently cooperating with police.

The Post and Courier has the post.

Update August 24: The Post and Courier is reporting that two horses are in foster care and four more are on the mend; get the story on that and more here.

Update August 27:

Rebecca Housley, owner of half a dozen malnourished horses on Kennerleigh Farms is being charged with ill treatment to animals.

Live 5 News has the update.

Update August 31:

The College of Charleston is honoring their five-year, $513,000 contract with Rebecca Housley, the woman who is facing six misdemeanor counts of ill-treatment to animals.

"She is a certified instructor of riding. As of right now, we are honoring the contract. We are monitoring the situation," Mike Robertson, the college senior director of media relations said.

The Post and Courier has the update.

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