Man arrested for impersonating officer, other charges

William Howard Taft (no, not the president ...) was allegedly buying drugs recently when he told North Charleston police he was a Berkeley County sheriff's deputy. This, apparently, wasn't entirely true, and Taft was arrested and charged with impersonating an officer, weapons possession, and drug paraphernalia.

The Post and Courier has a report up on the incident:

Taft, the driver, claimed to be a Berkeley County sheriff's deputy, but Berkeley County officials said that wasn't true. Taft said he'd known Coardes for several months and was giving him a ride home. Coardes told officers Taft bought narcotics and the two were going to inject the drugs.

Taft even had a badge to try and convince authorities of his law enforcement position, according to authorities. No report on what the badge actually was, though, unfortunately. Maybe it was a McGruff badge from D.A.R.E.? That one fools me every time ...

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