Police say tipster first helped hide body of missing man

The remains of a man missing for eight years were found largely thanks to a tipster who wanted to make a deal to avoid traffic charges.

Police used the tipster's information to find the skeletal remains of a man missing for eight years. Only they say they found that the tipster, Jason Ward Cumbee, 28, had a hand in the death of the missing man, Ala Hassan Sarhan.

Police say Sarhan, then 31, was shot by Jeffrey Herrmann, who was owed a good deal of money by Sarhan.

Update August 13: ABC News 4 follows up with details about how the car was found and the difficulties in identifying the body due to all the pluff mud.

Police said they're still looking for more information. If you think you can help, call Crimestoppers at 554-1111.

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