Rite Aid pharmacist wrestles gun away from would-be Oxycotin thief

Image by Flickr user André "Drekas" Correia

An employee at the Rite Aid located at 344 East Bay Street single-handedly muddled an armed robbery last night after making the split-second decision to wrestle a handgun away from robber demanding unprescribed bottles of Oxycotin.

It all happened around 8:10 p.m. last night when the suspect, Nikita Street, with gun in hand, handed over a piece of paper that read, "My wife is dying. I need Oxycotin." When Street looked away for just a moment, the pharmacist lunged at him and wrestled the handgun away.

In a strange turn of events that followed soon after, Street's friend, Mona Wright, called police to report that someone had stolen her handgun and purse from her SUV. She went on to explain that Street was the one who told her to report the handgun as being stolen.

Live 5 News has the best post on this bizarre robbery; read and watch the vide here.

Update October 15: Here's a more standard but short write-up from The Post and Courier.

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