Suspect linked to dozens of burglaries

Sean LylesPolice say one man, 23-year-old Sean Lyles, could be behind about 50 burglaries across three counties. Seven burglaries in Mount Pleasant are being blamed on Lyles, and the rest took place through Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties.

Lyles was arrested after stolen property at a pawn shop led authorities to him. He is being held at the Berkeley County Detention Center.

From NBC News 2:

Sergeant Steve Meadows with the Mount Pleasant Police Department said, "To do this number of burglaries, he had to put some thought into what he was doing."

Residents described the burglaries in one word. "Brazen." Police say Lyles struck around noon, parked in Stokley's driveway and even visited neighbors.


Police say Lyles re-sold the items to individuals or pawn shops, but he took more than possessions. Jenny talked with Stokley and said, "Some belongings were taken, some were left. No doubt, your sense of privacy was affected. That's your home." Stokley said, "Right. My wife and I talk a lot. We're angry. We walk through the house thinking, 'He was right here. He was in my house and my stuff.' "

Lyles has a pretty long rap sheet, and many are wondering why he was out on the streets, when he has a long history of burglary convictions.

From NBC News 2:

News 2 checked and found Lyles was on probation. His rap sheet includes convictions for burglaries in Berkeley County in 2001. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

Yet, Lyles was out in 2003 only two years later...and burglarized homes in Goose Creek. The punishment? 12 years in prison, but that was suspended IF Lyles served four months probation without incident.

Lyles' record also reveals arrest charges of forgery and breach of trust in May of 2008.

But, then again, it might not just be Lyles who was behind all the burglaries, either. ABC News 4 reports:

"Based on our investigation, we do anticipate there will be more arrests. This is an active investigation," said Sgt. Steve Meadows.

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