Trial begins in horrific Kate Waring homicide (update: defense begins)

First reporting October 5; Updates at the bottom.

Kate Waring disappeared back in June 2009, and two suspects were brought into custody in what would turn out to be a horrific end for Kate Waring.

The trial of one of the accused, Ethan Mack, begins today.

The Post and Courier has a report about that, and Live 5 News is promising updates all day by its Twitter feed @Live5News.

Another accused in the Kate Waring trial previously plead to lesser charges.

Update October 6: Amongst other media, The Post and Courier was there for the first day of trial and appears to have the best report as the prosecution and defense prepared to take stabs at the forthcoming star witness: Heather Kamp, the other alleged involved party that has already plead; take a read of the paper's story here.

Update October 7, continues, plea bargain thrown out: Heather Kamp has testified and shed more background on the situation but it's also been revealed that Kamp's plea bargain has been thrown out and she will also face murder charges.

Also Live 5 News has done a little bit of reporting on what this means for the current case Mack.

Update October 9, off the stand and forged notes: The big turns of the day are that Heather Kamp is off the stand after three days of testimony and that another person, Antjuan Green, in the jail testified to a plot that Mack allegedly tried to hatch to implicate Kamp.

There's also a bit of an ongoing story as to the fallout of Kamp's testimony that they were part of a note passing ring inside the jail.

Trial is expected to resume and end on Monday.

There's been an abundance of reporting on the trial and so we've been trying to link only to the best pieces in lieu of usual comparative reporting.

Update October 11: Testimony continues today with the expectation still being that today may be the last day. The Post and Courier has a report filed today with updates through the lunch break.

Update October 12: The Post and Courier has filed a report from Monday's testimony that was largely about evidence gathered and surveillance and questioning of Mack and Kamp; take a read here.

Today is widely expected to be the final day in prosecution testimony.

Update October 12, early p.m.: The prosecution has finished and now the defense is expect to begin their efforts and take several days.

The Post and Courier has a nice report of the day's testimony so far; read it here.

Update October 13: Tuesday's trial seemed to focus on diminishing the effects of Kamp's testimony and the crisscrossing nature of the story and alleged events continues to unfold.

The Post and Courier, once again, has the best reporting on the matter; read it here.

As just a footnote, I have been following the video reports from the local TV stations but many of them are too brief and/or without audio to be of much mention.

The local media has been tweeting play-by-play with this trial; tune in with this Twitter search.

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