Watchdog investigation uncovers North Charleston's current crime fighting data

Image by Flickr user Appleswitch

With the area known as being a notoriously high-crime locale, the first-ever analysis of municipal court data in North Charleston profiles a police department with its hands full.

Over the weekend, The Post and Courier's Watchdog uncovered the municipalities' lack of available court information online, now as more information is released they're reporting that over the past three years, North Charleston Police have written more than 133,000 tickets.

According to The Post and Courier's report:


North Charleston is among the busiest police departments in the state, and its courts handle a crushing amount of cases every year.

The report is full of interesting tidbits of information that came from the Watchdog's findings and are well worth checking out. From DUI arrest and dismissal rates to the breakdown of tickets written over the past three years, it is good to see information finally trickling into the public sphere.

The Post and Courier has the story and data to boot. Check it out.

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