Myrtle Beach Race Series makes changes, adds new race

Photo by TheDigitel Myrtle Beach

The Myrtle Beach Race Series has announced it's adding a new event to their inaugural season and made modifications to the points championship.

"We have received so many requests to make the championship title to be much more than a participation award and so many requests for other opportunities to get points", event organizer Jason Greene said.

The modifications to the point system are designed to promote competition and are more performance-oriented. However, those that plan to participate in all of the events will get an added advantage over those that only participate in some. Details on the point system are here.

The Leap Ahead for Women event has dropped the cycling part of the race and substituted it with crossfit-style challenges each mile. They will be managed by Chief Big Daddy's Boot Camp that, Greene says, should be pretty entertaining for participants and spectators.

The new race is going to happen on March 17, 2012, one week following the already-scheduled Leap Ahead for Women event. More details will be released soon. Your best bet is to sign up for email updates.