MB Drift looking to grow in 2012

Courtesy photo from MB Drift

Did you know Myrtle Beach has been the host of several competitive drifting events and meet-ups for seven years? You know we're suckers for anyone making an effort to create a scene around what they love in Myrtle Beach.

Oh wait... you  don't know what competitive drifting is? Lemme 'splain. Let's get the obligatory Wikipedia definition out of the way...

Drifting refers to a driving technique and to a motorsport where the driver intentionally over steers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels through turns, while maintaining vehicle control and a high exit speed.

In other words, a bunch of tuned cars slide through a course where the drivers are judged for their style as much as their speed. Overpowered cars are flung from turn to turn as sideways as possible while getting as close as possible to things like concrete retaining walls and other cars. Because of the style element, the ongoing debate is whether or not drifiting is actually a motorsport. However, everyone agrees that drifting events are an entertaining spectacle. The best part is, you can check it out right here in Myrtle Beach and decide for yourself. 

MB Drift is part local car club and part race series organizer. The group is adamant about a positive, supportive vibe. One of MB Drift organizers, Zach Sebald, states "We promote an entry level, safe driving atmosphere at Myrtle Beach Speedway where drivers and spectators of all crowds come to enjoy the next big thing in racing." You can see on their Facebook page where they help each other find information, cars, and parts. The group keeps everyone involved by giving them a chance to voice their opinion and help shape the direction of MB Drift.

Over the years MB Drift has held numerous regional events at their home track, Myrtle Beach Speedway. Because support of drifting in our region is sparse, enthusiasts from all over the South and Eastern seaboard follow and attend the MB Drift events. After seven years of simply doing what they love on a purely volunteer basis, MB Drift is looking to get more locals involved in their events. They are looking for participants and sponsors for their upcoming 2012 season. If you love the concept but not interested in driving or sponsoring,  definitely make plans to attend the next event and give these guys an audience.

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