Developers hope to build a bicycle-only community in Lexington County

Image by Flickr user Rafal Kiermacz

Hey bicycle enthusiasts and environmentalists, get a load of this: developers are pitching their idea to the Lexington County Council tonight to build Bicycle City, a 140 acre bicycles-only community just South of Columbia.

Not only will Bicycle City going to exist completely sans cars, but developers are planning to build eco-friendly homes, miles of trails for biking and hiking and ponds for boating on the asphalt free site.

Developers behind the project believe that this will be the first subdivision of it's kind in America, and hope to see it become at eco-tourism destination in the future. That's the long term goal, but first they'll have to get approval from the Lexington County Council who seem a bit skeptical about the whole thing.

According to The State, if all goes as planned and the community gets the green light the community will be developed in phases. The first phase will be small and consist of just 10 homes and four and half miles of trails built on about 14 acres. The homes will range in size from 800 to 1,600 square feet and will cost about $200,000.

Head over to The State for more on what could become American's first ever Bicycle City.

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