Charleston's waterways highlighted in Outside Magazine

Image by Flickr user fboosman Image by 20090803-water.jpg Clean and plentiful, Charleston's water resources are more than a big part of the region's appeal.

Outside Magazine recently highlighted 20 of America's best cities and idyllic small towns

And, guess what ... Charleston was on the list of our nation's top 10 small towns! Using parameters such as "cost of living, unemployment, nightlife, commute time, and access to green spaces," Outside Magazine established a winning list.

Undoubtedly, our waterways dominated the description justifying Charleston's placement on the list:

And since it sits at the confluence of the Cooper and Ashley rivers and the Atlantic Ocean, it's also prime watersport territory: There's sailing in the harbor, sea-kayaking through the marshes of the Intracoastal Waterway, and surfing at Folly Beach.

As Charleston's natural beauty becomes more and more recognized by the rest of the world, it is important for those of us who call this place home to maintain and even elevate our reputation by protecting what we have. There is no argument against the fact that our waterways play an integral role in defining our charm, greatness and appeal as a city and as a region. For this reason alone, we must continue to invest a considerable and substantial amount of our time, energy and resources into protecting and preserving our waterways.

I represent Charleston Waterkeeper, a local non-profit organization, and we're committed to maintaining the integrity of our waterways, defending them against pollution and protecting the public's right to clean water. Join the movement, become a member today!

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