A path for bikes, pedestrians from North Charleston to West Ashley sees renewed life

Image by Flickr user Tulane Public Relations

While hopes of a West Ashley to peninsular Charleston bike path struggle to get off the drawing board, there's hope that another bridge crossing could soon happen: West Ashley to North Charleston.

That would, of course, come by way of the North Bridge (aka the World War II Memorial Bridge).

It wouldn't help you bike into downtown, but it would certainly boost North Charleston's vision of a better connected, more green city.

The idea is to mix a bike and pedestrian (and, naturally, runner) access to a place where they're now forbidden on the freeway-like bridge by sacrificing a lane's worth of traffic in the center of the bridge — a solution that reduces the chaos of cars needing to cross a bike lane to exit onto I-26.

I'll shoot you over to The Post and Courier's column for a rundown on the scenario.

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