Airport construction scraps to be made into artificial reef

Flickr User: Per Edin

Construction has been going on around and at the Myrtle Beach International Airport for quite a while now and soon the new terminal will be open. 

But, what do they do with all that scrap that's been compiled during the building of the terminal? The Sun News reports that there is nearly, "500 tons of storm drainage concrete scrap that had to be dug up during construction of the new terminal" and that material won't get thrown in a landfill or pulverized. Instead it will be donated to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and made into artificial reefs off of the Grand Strand coast. 

Make sure to hop on over to the source article over at The Sun News for all the details

This past August The Sun News also reported that the new terminal was nearly completed and that flights will start taking off around in late February of 2013. 

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