Charleston County starts up commercial composting program with a Publix partnership

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Publix locations in Charleston County are getting a bit more green to match their logo, the grocery store is the first of what county leaders hope will be many more supermarkets to join the "Commercial Food Waste Composting Program".

Starting the middle of December, Charleston County’s Bees Ferry Landfill Compost Facility has been receiving produce and floral waste from five local Publix stores.

Once the organic waste arrives at the Compost Facility, it will be mixed with yard waste to create a nutrient-rich soil amendment that Charleston County Government can market and sell.

Here are more details from a release:

“Charleston County’s Environmental Management Department staff is thrilled that Publix has decided to come on board with our commercial organic and food waste composting program. Their participation and tonnage will allow us to continue to create a higher quality and nutrient-rich end compost product that Charleston County residents and the local agricultural community should be proud to use,” saidCharleston County Councilmember Colleen Condon. “We hope that more grocers will follow Publix’s lead and join our program, which has been developed to provide solutions to businesses wanting to divert more material for recycling and achieve higher recovery goals.” 

The partnership will support Charleston County’s 40% recycling goal while allowing Publix to expand their recycling program, reduce disposal costs and increase recycling rates for their local stores.

“This partnership will be a win-win for Publix and Charleston County,” said Brenda Reid, media and community relations manager for Publix. “It will reduce the amount of product that goes into landfills and will create a natural resource that farmers and gardeners will use to grow food.” 

For more information on recycling, contact the Charleston County Environmental Management Department at (843) 720-7111 or visit

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