Charleston's sago plants pop up as a largely unknown risk to dogs

Image by Flickr user nickso

There's a bit of local buzz about the recent re-discovery about just how dangerous sago palms can be to pets.

Read more stories on this subject in our pets topic page.Originally native to Japan, they're common in our area and are sometimes eaten by dogs. ABC News 4 has a report about a local dog owner that was taken off guard and mystified as to why her lab was so ill; check out their report over here.

Within 12 hours your pet may begin include vomiting, having diarrhea  or showing general weakness and  appear bruised, have nose bleeds, or have blood in the stool.

There's also plenty of reports online about just how dangerous this plant can be to dogs. 

For the record it's also toxic to people, it's just that dogs are more likely to ingest it.

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