Healthy snacks to be offered in many schools

South Carolina schools will soon receive grants providing fruits and vegetables as snack options for elementary students.

Just offering these healthier options isn’t sufficient. The grants will be funded pending the schools’ effort to instill proper nutrition values.

Here's a bit about the program from a press release:
Students in 34 South Carolina elementary schools will be munching on fresh carrots or peaches in their classrooms and hallways this year, thanks to federal grants designed to entice them with healthier snacks.

The 34 elementary schools will use their portions of $800,000 in federal grant funds to provide fruit baskets inside classrooms, kiosks in hallways and other innovative approaches to give students the opportunity to get fresh fruit or vegetable snacks throughout the school day.

Thanks to The Post and Courier for tipping us off.

The lowcountry is finally becoming aware of the obesity epidemic among its children. The community applauds the state’s endeavor to help the children remain healthy.

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