Drunken decision to 'slap the train' ends tragically (update: more reporting)

Image by Flickr user country_boy_shane

Update July 23: The Post and Courier has followed with a slightly expanded report and a map; take a look here.

ABC News 4 has a video report that shows the scene and the last bar Helton was at.

Also worth noting is that back in May another Summerville man also got sucked under a train, but lived.

First reporting: A Summerville man's 23rd birthday celebration ended tragically early this morning when he walked out of the Ice House Bar & Grill and tried to "slap the train" that was rolling by.

Justin Helton was sucked into the train and died on the scene. To make matters worse, the train conductor was totally unaware the accident had happened and had to be stopped by police officers further down the tracks for the investigation to get underway.

For more on this tragedy make your way over to The Post and Courier's brief.

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