Lampooning Hurricane Irene's paltry effects

Image by Joseph Nienstedt Irene scourging Lowcountry marsh.

While much was made of the impending and arrival of Hurricane Irene's effects on the Lowcountry, its winds were quite limited and most of the damage to areas directly on the beach. 

(To be sure, there are some hours to be logged thanks to erosion and beach debris.)

Tropical storm-force winds were limited to the coastal and North Charleston areas and in places a bit more inland (like Summerville) the storm turned out to be far more of a joke than fearful menace, and even along the coast little damage was wrought.

So local photog and geek guru Joseph Nienstedt put a photo essay together that highlights, well, in his words: "It’s gonna take me minutes to clean up these leaves. Oh, the humanity. The rain even filled my children’s wagon (well, it did earlier this week from one of those late summer storms – I just never got around to dumping it). A leaf even made it’s way in there as well – Mother nature is not one to be [messed] with."

Head over here to check out the photos and banter.

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