Proposed legislation would bring gambling to South Carolina

Image by Flickr user John Wardell (Netinho)

Besides our beaches and historic sites, South Carolina might have a new reason to attract tourists to the state legalized gambling. 

The new legislation purposed by Bakari Sellers, a state Representative out of Denmark, SC would make gambling legal in the state of South Carolina and make it a county decision. Sellers told The Sun News, “We’re getting some traction. We have very good poll numbers.”

Head on over to The Sun News to read their brief write-up to read Sellers' estimated job potential and how much money casino-style gambling could bring into the state. 

Back in March, FITSnews ran a piece on Sellers along with Rep. Boyd Brown of Winnsboro regarding their pro-gambling legislation. Brown told FITSnews, "his intention is to use gambling revenue for tax relief and core government functions like law enforcement. He said he would consider efforts to route some gambling proceeds to our state’s worst-in-the-nation public school system."

While gambling cruises have seen traction in Myrtle Beach and North Charleston, an anti-gaming attitude remains strong in South Carolina, so we'll be intrigued to see how far this one gets.

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