Secret Santa joy spreads to Myrtle Beach

Flickr user iMakeGuernsey

Across the nation Secret Santa's have been paying off peoples layaways at Walmart and K-Mart stores. And the selfless act has spread to here in Myrtle Beach.

Area Walmart and K-Mart managers say that as many as 15 layaways have been paid off by these anonymous Santas. The manager at the Seaboard Street Walmart says one woman came in and paid off a $600 layaway, "She basically said she wanted to help somebody because she could do that and so we took care of her." said Walmart manager Nicole Rana.

It's great to see those with the means help out struggling families, making sure people get the Christmas they deserve. For the full write-up and video broadcast head on over to WMBF News. Similar stories that took place in Georgia, South Florida, California and North Carolina can be found all around the web. 

Don't have the scratch to pay off someones layaway? No problem, below are some inexpensive ways you can help spread some holiday joy:

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