Shark bite, 50 jellyfish stings reported on IOP over the weekend (update: video)

Image by Flickr user ultrahi

Update July 26, evening: NBC News 2 has a video with the shark bite victim complete with a touch of gore; watch it here.

First reporting: Shark bites, and jellyfish stings, and sunburns! Oh my!

It was a treacherous time out at Isle Of Palms this weekend. A teenager was reportedly bitten by a shark on the leg and 50 beach-goers were stung by jellyfish. The Isle of Palms Fire Chief is cautioning beach-bound visitors to be aware of their surroundings, especially where they step, and not to pick up any jellyfish.

The Post and Courier has the post on the rough weekend.

BeWellPhilly actually has some good tips on what to do if stung.

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