Of storms, hail, flooding, Charleston, and Thursday (update: Friday too)

Image by Still image by TheDigitel A video of the ice + water storm as it hit West Ashley around 5:30 p.m. by local Twitterer @3delizabeth.

Update April 23: While we were spared hail on Friday, the rain was back again to flood out Charleston.

Live 5 News has the preferred flooding video du jour; check it out here. And The Post and Courier has some fun photos; get those here.

Breath easier though, we're due for sunny skies in the mid-80s this weekend and little chance of rain next week.

First reporting, April 22: The weather gave Charleston quite a bruising on Thursday, April 21, in the form of a quarter-inch of rain, flooding, and much frozen ice in the form of hail around town.

The fun here is in the photos and video, of course.

ABC News 4 has my favorite report with some video of the hail and downtown Charleston canals; watch that here. The Post and Courier has a pretty standard write-up with some nice shots of the hail; get that here.

As for today, we face cooler temps in the mid-70s and a chance of showers all day with thunder in the afternoon before getting into some partly sunny mid-80s weather during the weekend.

Score the full forecast here and more Charleston weather stories on our topic page.

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