When it snowed in Charleston, it tripled the accident rates

Image by Flickr user drobnikm

You'd think a snow storm wouldn't increase the number of accidents too much. Sure, it's easier to crash but one would assume folks would be more cautious when driving, if at all, so you'd have far fewer and more cautious drivers.

That is: I'd suspect a higher accident rate, but about the same number of accidents.

That is: I'm quite wrong. 

The S.C. Highway Patrol released numbers comparing the number of accidents during the weekend of the great snowstorm (February 12-14) to the weekend prior (February 5-7) and the numbers showed a 315% jump in the number of collisions in the Charleston area (293 vs 93.) 293% statewide.

You can check out all the data in the department's press release.

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