WMBF investigates who dealt it (Update: WPDE takes a whiff)

Jim Girardi

Update September 7th: Will we run out of stinky puns before this story runs out of gas? Unlikely.

WPDE ran a brief today about the Grand Strand Coastal Alliance, a coalition of municipal and county governments, trying to find a way to investigate an address the dead zone issue. Head to CarolinaLive.com for the details. See below for the back story.

Update August 31st: The smelly story continues.

This time The Sun News has picked up the scent and attributed a rotten egg aroma to "dead zones" in the ocean called a hypoxic condition. Read more here.  It's not entirely clear if this is the same odors that were reported by WMBF (below), but we thought it best to keep the odor stories all together in one stinky package.  


First Report: Acting on several viewer complaints of odd smells, WMBF News took to sniffing the streets of Myrtle Beach.

It turns out there are two different sources of the olfactory offender and both of them are involving sewage. We won't spoil the story for WMBF. Read the stinky details here.

We're making light of this, of course. But a smelly town can be an impediment. Just ask Georgetown. It's not always the paper mill, either.

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