Charleston to get more and more rain

Image by TheDigitel assembly of NOAA imageryImage by 20080823rainfall.jpg The remnants of fay are expected to drift back our way over the next few days. More intense colors indicate more expected rain.

Update August 24: We've updated our weather story. Go read it.

Original post: Record-breaking Fay (who made landfall on Florida for its fourth time today) is moving out of Charleston's scope, but the joke may be on us as the storm falls apart and more rain drifts back our way.

So, today could be the best day in the near future for any outdoor activity you might have in mind.

Here's what the National Weather Service had to say:
Fay will continue to move slowly west across the Florida panhandle today...before weakening over the northern Gulf Coast later this weekend. The remnants of Fay could linger over the southeastern U.S. well into next week. ...

The window for seeing a totally dry day appears to be shrinking.

Bummer. Go read the full forecast.

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