Expansion of Oakridge Landfill proposed

Between Ridgeville and St. George is the Oakridge Landfill, and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control is taking public comment over a proposal to add a "dry materials" landfill that could take 123,500 tons of waste per year.

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The landfill would take materials like "land-clearing debris, bricks, blocks, shingles, and lumber." It would not take materials that have "been in contact with lead-based paint, hazardous constituents, or petroleum products," nor would it take "household garbage, hazardous waste, and infectious waste."

The Post and Courier has a few comments regarding public sentiment about the landfill -- generally folks do not seem opposed to it, but they are a bit timid.

You can read the full public notice from DHEC, if you have objections, write them to: Mr. John J. Schnabel, SCDHEC/BLWM, 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201.

The dump is not being designed to facilitate out-of-state waste. A proposed megadump in Marlboro County is taking a lot of heat for its intent to be a bedroom for other state's trash.

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