Morris Island dock battle continues to brew

Popping up as a counterpoint to the argument of "Let's leave this island as it stands and dedicate it to our children and others who will continue to cherish it for play, education" is a Charleston educator who says building a dock will allow more children to visit the island for education.

Read more stories on this subject in our Morris Island topic page.ABC News 4 reports:
The problem with Morris Island is access. No docks means only people with private boats can get on the island. Some city council members want to build a dock and allow bigger boats to get in. The hope is that the docks would open the way for children who wouldn’t normally have access to Morris Island.

But the Morris Island Coalition says it ain't so and that you can get to the island just fine with no dock and a flat bottom boat, and there's no need for development.

But my intuition says parents would feel a lot better about sending their kids to a dock than landing on the beach.

Find out about the back-and-forth at ABC News 4.

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