New regulations on mopeds proposed (Update: Senate bill approved)

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All skinny-half-caf-lattes tremble in fear when the hipster moped club putters into town....

Update 2/16/2012: Mopeds could be classified as motor vehicles when it comes to drinking-and-driving laws.

A new bill that's very different than the one we reported in November (see below) has gotten approval from a state Senate committee. This particular bill is aimed at the issue of DUI incidents involving mopeds being dismissed by county magistrates. The State has more details here.

First Report: On November 29th State Representatives, Chip Huggins of Columbia and Chris Murphy of Summerville prefiled a bill that would change license requirements for mo-peds.

The bill calls for quite a few changes in the laws concerning mopeds: insuring, drivers license and license plates. As well as, new age new and stricter operating times for mopeds -from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Oddly enough the bill wants to lower the minimum age of mo-ped operators from 15 to 14 years of age. 

As one can suspect, businesses that thrive off of moped rentals in the summer time are none too happy with the new proposed legislation. Head on over to The Sun News to read the full report, including a piece on a couple that traded in their SUV for a mo-ped. 


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