North Charleston gas, kerosene spill cleanup finished

At long last, the cleanup of 7,600 gallons of gasoline and 1,000 gallons of kerosene that spilled from an overturned tanker truck in North Charleston is complete.

[gmap markers=blue::32.892993365637345,-79.97257232666016 |zoom=11 |center=32.872090353419075,-79.97703552246094 |width=220px |height=200px |control=Small |type=Map]

Workers scooped some 3,000 gallons of gasoline and kerosene along with some 18,500 gallons of oily water using "boom, oil skimmers, vacuum trucks, and absorbent pads to collect product on the eastern part of Filbin Creek."

Go read the press release from the U.S. Coast Guard for more details, or check out The Post and Courier's story for a bit more analysis.

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