Progress continues on Mount Pleasant's Waterfront Park

Mount Pleasant's $14 million Memorial Waterfront Park is moving ahead for its Memorial Day 2009 (May 25) opening.

The Post and Courier reports on the issue:
DeMoura and Pruitt recently offered a tour of the park construction site. The foundations for the 1,400-square-foot open-air Sweetgrass Pavilion and the 6,200-square-foot Visitors Center could be seen. A tabby sidewalk snaked toward the waterfront past clusters of stone pier railings. A big pile of shipped-in soil waited to be spread. In about six weeks, Ravenel Bridge motorists will be able to see the Visitor Center and Sweetgrass Pavilion begin to take shape, Pruitt said.

plans for the park call for a playground, visitors center, amphitheater, war memorial, playground, and fishing pier among other items. Plans for a dog park are still being contested.

The section that would open next year would be the first part of the two-part project. The second part, representing 5 of the 24 acres, does not yet have a completion date scheduled. A current agreement requires the town use the land as a park, but that agreement could be changed.

The paper continues to go into much more depth on the topic.

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