Sweet rain relief could bring miserable heat (update: redux)

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A familiar sight in Myrtle Beach area homes right now.

Update 8/3: Post-rain heat and humidity are here again.

The cooling rain has revitalized lawns and raised the retention ponds. But we're once again paying for it. This time The Sun News has the mosquito story. Be careful out there!

Update 7/29: The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory that runs into Saturday.

No rain in sight. The bright side is the "skeeters" might stay in their shady hiding spots.

First Report: It seems like everyone has enjoyed the nearly 3 inches of rainfall and cooler temperatures this week. But Summer isn't over just yet.

Thursday's forecast already points temperature back over 90 degrees and the humidity is certain to set the heat index from "muggy" to "downright oppresive". And the news gets better- according to WBTW, this week's wash down will bring the mosquitoes out to play. More details on that here.

It doesn't help all of the NFL talk has us longing for Fall. But at least the grass is a little greener, right?


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