Charleston Jews, Christians, Muslims come together over Q'uran (post-event update)

Image by Flickr user malik_braun

Update September 12: The Post and Courier dropped by the gathering of some 200 and has reported back with a nice write-up; read it here.

First reporting September 11:

A group of Jews, Christians, Muslims in Charleston are coming together over the recent Quran burning headlines to show protest, mutual support, and to promote piece.

There will be a gift of Qurans to the Central Mosque of Charleston as well dinner and speeches.

The event is today, September 11, at James Island County Park at 3 p.m. to with the dinner and speeches starting at 5.

Incidentally, the Florida Quran burning has been called off (it seems for good this time.)

For more details, I pasted the press release from the mosque below:

Some members from a downtown Church contacted the CMC regarding Q'uran burning in Florida.  They do not support the Q'uran burning but they, in fact, have arranged numerous copies of Q'uran to offer to the CMC.  Several religious organizations including the CMC will attend this event.  Imam, many Shura and community members had a chance to discuss this matter with them at our Mosque during an Iftar/dinner. 

This event is scheduled to be held on September 11, 2010 at James Island County Park between 3:00 PM onwards.  There will be some food but everyone is encouraged to bring a dish.  Speeches will start at 5:00 PM followed by donations of Q'uran to the CMC.

I urge everyone in our community to join this event and thank them for their efforts to promote peace.


Shahid Husain