S.C. House restores funding to some programs (Update: Senate agrees)

Adapted from a photo by Mary Austin

Update July 19, 2012: The S.C. Senate voted with the House to override most all of the same bills, only upholding three of Haley's vetoes.

Those vetoes supported are added onto the House's tally — that's a total of 33 vetoes sustained out of Haley's 111. 

In short, funding has been reestablished for the hotter issues: the South Carolina Arts Commission ($3.9 million), the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium ($6 million), and the the rape crisis centers ($453,680 for 15 centers).

First report:  House lawmakers attended a special session on Tuesday to vote on the 81 budget vetoes Haley had issued. Some of the most controversial vetoes were restored.

Represenatives overturned the most controversial cuts which included shuttering the S.C. Arts Commission and the Sea Grant Consortium. These overturns won't stick until the Senate votes on them as well. The State has a great write-up here

Interestingly Haley did not address the media on Tuesday but instead chose to flood her Facebook timeline with rebuttals and quips about the votes. Haley has taken to social media many times over the past year. (See: here, here, and here) Haley has a tenuous relationship with traditional media and appears to be more comfortable with the keyboard.