Condos, hotel rooms, and loads of confidence: Details emerge on Concord Park development

An areal view of the park looking south, the approximate location of the land deal is highlighted in red.

Sitting vacant since demolition following Hurricane Hugo in 1989, the City of Charleston's Concord Park is starting to see more development traction.

The master plan calls for private developers to build on 3.5 acres of the 10 acre open space park and the city has already seen one construction project for office buildings start on the northwest tip. 

With a deal made at the end of last year, plans have emerged for the use of the northwest tip of that land: a condo-hotel hybrid.

There's been good news for hotels in Charleston so the willingness to build another downtown hotel is not too surprising, however with the still-depressed housing market in the country (and Charleston) many are surprised how confidant Johns Island's Dolphin Architects & Builders are, but they've told The Post and Courier that they're very confidant of the market's desire for condos that can utilize hotel services and are in the heart of downtown. 

I'll point you to The Post and Courier for a full rundown on the development's details.

Let's just hope that the high-end waterfront (and caddy corner to the new Concord Park development) Anson House condos don't serve as a cautionary tale, they went into foreclosure proceedings last year.

That said, a few years will make a huge difference and they're hardly the exact same spec in condos.