Mt. Pleasant looks to take over Kmart space with a new $20M town hall

Image by TheDigitel

Update January 30: The deal to spend some $20 million on a new Mount Pleasant Town Hall is continuing to move forward.

Patch writes that town leaders recently voted 7-2 to proceed by contacting the owner of the Kmart building about the town's possible purchase.

Likely tying into a price point on the deal is whether or not the Kmart currently leasing the space will land on the list of Kmart stores to close — a list that is still pending. Obviously a vacant spot is cheaper than an occupied one.

First reporting: The Town of Mount Pleasant is looking to move from its existing town hall location near Whole Foods towards a more town-central location near the terminus of I-526.

And it sounds like everyone's eye is pretty keenly focused on the existing location of Kmart (map below).

Head on over to NBC News 2 for a solid video report; watch it here.

The news on this one is pretty infantile and will surely get more concrete as the public discussion unfolds, but two big questions remain:

1) What will the town offer Kmart to get them to move?

2) What will the town do with its existing prime land?

I'll let you do your own speculation.

A shows the existing town hall and B shows Kmart's location — about 2.5 miles apart.