Ad campaign by Chamber to show tax works

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The much talked about penny sales tax has been with us for a few years now. But is it working? Are those pennies being collected turning into dollars in our pockets?

The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce says yes. And to prove that the penny tax is working to our advantage they have put together an advertising blitz that started running Monday, May 17. There are many detractors of the tax -including Governor Nikki Haley. A lot of locals aren't happy about it and some businesses are OK with it. 

To showcase how well the tax is working for us the advertisement touts their facts, figures and numbers. WMBF has a full write-up on their site, and their broadcast report is below.

What say you Digitel readers? Does the penny tax benefit Myrtle Beach in the way the city and the Chamber claim it does? Leave us a comment below or write up your own opinion piece right here on TheDigitel with our Open Community

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