Lawyer takes S.C. sales tax exemption rules to the State Supreme Court

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A showdown over South Carolina's rules on exempting special businesses, products, and services from the state's 6% tax rule is headed for a showdown at the S.C. Supreme Court.

At its core, lawyer Matthew Bodman says the Legislature has weaved to tangled of a patchwork that isn't allowed under the state's constitution. For their part lawmakers say that a court is not the proper place to deicide such a matter.

I'll point you over to The State's report for insight into the matter; take a read here.

The issues of the patchwork of exempt and non-exempt business services came into highlight in South Carolina this time last year after the state Revenue Department began cracking down on many business causing outcry.

Then special tax breaks came into the foreground when the controversial Amazon sales tax break was first denied and then approved.

No date is yet set for the hearing, even after which it may be some time before a ruling is made.

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