A new S.C. gas tax battle looms as lobbyist are hired

Image by Flickr user djwtwo A few more pennies would make a huge difference in state maintenance of roads.

In the apparent wake of news that South Carolina's roads, highways, bridges, and other infrastructure are facing a $30 billion funding gap, a one-time educational group is getting more proactive about raising our state's road funding.

The S.C. Alliance to Fix Our Roads has hired two lobbyist to help push legislation and make the case for raising the 16¢ gas tax.

The State's Adam Bean offers a report, in part:

The executive and legislative branches of S.C. government are controlled by Republicans who oppose tax hikes as an article of political faith. But Ross says South Carolina’s gas tax is not a tax but a “user fee.” The only people who pay it are people who use the state’s roads, including visitors from other states, he contends.

Take a read here.

It's worth noting that previous attempts to raise the gas taxhave failed

I've previously written about how a low gas tax has a trickle up effect on hurting the state's roads.

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