Smoke Free Horry takes on Myrtle Beach City Council


This past Tuesday, July 26 Smoke Free Horry brought their case for a smoke free environment to the Myrtle Beach City Council during a workshop. 

Representatives for Smoke Free Horry were on hand urging the town council to consider a smoking ban in public places, such as bars and restaurants. Armed with statistics of the effects of smoking and second hand smoke not only for the smoker or second hand victims but for the pockets of all tax payers. George DuRant of Smoke Free Horry shared statistics that 6,100 South Carolinians die each year due to smoke related illnesses and adds an annually one billion dollars to health care costs. According to WMBF News, "More than 41 communities across South Carolina are saying 'no thanks' to smoking in the workplace after enacting ordinances to cut down on lighting up."

Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes supports the idea of a state wide ban but questions if a city ban should make the smoke free choice for restaurants and bars. Rhodes concern, of course, is tourism and he made a little slip when trying to make his case, "We're sitting here looking at us as a tourist community, and if we have a non smoking city, and lets say, Hilton Head doesn't, then it could effect tourism." While this might be a valid argument, Hilton Head is already smoke free. 

To get the full story of Smoke Free Horry's night with the town council hop on over to both and The Sun News for their write-ups. Watch WMBF's video on the proposed smoke free ordnance below and check out their full write-up by heading overt to

We want to hear your opinion on the matter. Do you think enacting a smoke free ordinance in Myrtle Beach would hurt, help or have no effect tourism? 

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In full disclosure Smoke Free is an advertiser on TheDigitel Myrtle Beach. 



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