'Gimme peace, gimme peace, gimme peace'

Image by Charlotte Gutman/TheDigitelImage by 20080921peaceday.jpg

Dozens of Charlestonians united on Sunday to celebrate global peace and calling for more of it during the United Nations-created International Day of Peace.

The festival was located at Brittlebank Park on Lockwood Blvd, Peace Day, celebrated globally, attracted folks with common world peace incentives. Several organizations and venders set up stations by the water to discuss their causes with the public.

Peace Day Charleston's coordinator, Reba Parker together with her Sociology students, started a non-profit organization for Charleston peace promotion, “Charleston Peace One Day.” She talks about the success of the day:
It’s been a great day. There are people from all different walks of life here. It’s just so cool. I teach Sociology at the college, and I know we learn a culture of violence, and we can relearn a culture of peace.

“Changing lives one project at a time,” Isabelle’s House, attracted those interested in helping women in need. Dakota Walker, executive director of Isabelle’s House, was responsible for Peace Day’s graphic design and their Web site while promoting peace for women everywhere.

From yoga on the grass to jammin’ out with Plain Jane, Charleston Peace One Day, powered by solar energy, was a total success and thanks to people like Reba Parker and Dakota Walker the event will be possible again next year.